A healthy take on your favorite weekend treat that will leave your taste buds tingling with nostalgia. Shop Now
11g Protein
Low Sugar
Cake Batter Cakes are great, but the batter is ALWAYS better.
Chocolate Donuts are awesome. So is chocolate.

We wanted to develop a donut that tastes like your favorite treat but has the nutrition of a health snack.

11g protein
5g sugar
130 calories

Other Donuts

3g protein
23g sugar
262 calories
I love donuts and I've been craving one so bad! This hit the spot!
Just a perfect snack! Highly recommended.
Tastes freaking bomb. It's pretty sweet.
A protein donut that tastes delicious.
Have your cake & eat it too.
What better way to reward yourself from a hardcrore workout then a protein donut!
Protein Donuts?! Yes please!
I am 100% obsessed with these and pretty sure I'm gonna buy like 10 more boxes.
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